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Never in my life could I have imagined technology becoming so polarizing in society.  Yes there was the Mac v Windows days, but it was more of an underdog story.  Now Apple has taken a back seat in advertising to focus on how much sense their products make, and how they are going to change your life, while Samsung has taken the view of how big of an idiot you are for buying Apple.

It has been quite the interesting public image change Apple has gone through since the late 80′s to the 90′s.  Everyone wanted Apple to do well, they loved the iPod, and it seemed that everyone including Jerry Seinfeld loved those hippy colored iMacs.  Throughout this time Apple was just as arrogant as they are today, but now something has changed.

To be honest, I used to be anti-Apple.  I enjoyed making my computer from scratch for half the cost of a Mac, and then booting up into Windows.  It wasn’t until I tried owning one that everything changed.  I bought the original iPhone and immediately fell in love.  The device was SOOOO different, so revolutionary, and so easy to use.  That was 5 years ago now though, and things have changed, there is another big dog in town.

Whether you believe they copied Apple or not, Samsung has road their coat tails into the modern cellphone era and are now one of the largest device makers in the world.  They don’t just make cellphones though, they make social tools and advertise them as such, creating a new anti-Mac culture that has ballooned.  A underground polarized culture of Fandroids and iSheep as they are refered too.  While Fandroid refers to those who are fans of Google’s Android, they are charged around the Samsung Galaxy series of phones.

How deep does this nerdy culture really go?  Well half my friends have iPhones, while the other half have Android phones… Samsungs in particular and on a daily basis this creates confrontation, large and small.  At one point I betrayed my new Apple family to try out the latest Galaxy S III, Samsung’s flagship smartphone to see what the hype was all about.  I didn’t not see it, and my Apple ecosystem did not accept the device in my life.  That was when it hit me.

Apple had spent years trying to create a lifestyle and ecosystem around their devices… A very closed one at that.  Anyone wanting to break into this $0.5 Trillion world was basically closed off and told to pound unless you were an accessory.  Samsung’s bitter answer?  Bash all of those who were owners as drones and idiots, which has worked very successfully.  As a gadget enthusiast I enjoy exploring different technologies, but breaking into the ecosystem of that technology has become even more fascinating, and has created a complete dilemma.  No longer is it trying out the thinnest, fastest, highest resolution device anymore.  It is about the coolest, most social, status setting device on the market, which as a gadget addict is a painful process.

Where is Google during all this process?  Well they are just sitting back and enjoying the show.  They do more than just a phone software, (every heard of Googling something?) and have a million devices out their using their software and fighting over it.  They are just enjoying the free fame.

I leave you with some entertaining videos highlighting some great commercials describing the two eras, the one of Mac Love, and the one of Mac Hate.  Enjoy!