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Well Apple fans, isheep, and everyone in between the time has come and past.  Apple has announced all of its goodies at the World Wide Developer Conference.  What did Apple have to show for itself beside some clever jabs at Android courtesy of Siri?  Lots and little at the same time:

Yes – Retina display MacBook Pro, Upgraded MacBook Airs, iOS6 with Facebook, and Mountain Lion

No – Apple TV, iMacs, iTV dev kit, and Retina MacBook Airs

Surprise – OpenTable integration into iOS6, Sports on Siri, Car integration with Siri, death of the 17in MacBook Pro

The new features in the upcoming software are going to be very exciting.  The integration of notifications into your Mac is going to be sweet and make for a much smoother experience (no alerts in your face).  This new wallet idea for all your gift cards and tickets is great too.  Easing us into the future of credit cards on the iPhone?

The app store and iTunes will have a complete overhaul as well as Facebook becomes integrated into it also.  Now you can like apps and see what your friends like about them too.  The new maps looks fantastic with 3d mapping and turn by turn navigation.  This is going to be an exciting fall when iOS 6 hits the masses.  Check out the links below for overwhelming details on everything.  Also, a lovely video from Apple about their new MacBook Pro Retina.  What?  Photos too??

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