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Prancercise: the 80′s workout craze has arrived


Prancercise is (yes!) as cool as it sounds. The 80′s workout is finally catching on decades later thanks to the Internet. Essentially, it’s a 5-minute workout– and a way of life. It was created by a lovely Florida woman name Joanna Rohrback who was inspired by horses to create the dance-walk workout in 1989. Joanna […]

Life Hacked: Wunderlist 2 to organize your life


For those of you out there that just don’t know how to say no and take on the world, life can be tough.  Keeping all those tasks, events, and groups organized is a real mess.  Luckily for you, Wunderlist 2 is here to save the day. Wunderlist 2 is a free and elegant program designed […]

A cold day in Denver

Cold Day in Denver

While walking around Denver, CO I came across these guys hanging around waiting for their owners.  I want to believe this is what they are thinking: Dog on left: “Hey master, there is a stranger out here and I am telling you because I love you.” Dog on right: “Hey, get the hell out of […]

Riding High: The New Range Rover Evoque


Looking to look fresh to death cruising down the road?  Looking go bigger than a car, but not quite ready for a giant SUV yet?  Have a little cash to burn? Look No Further. The 2013 Range Rover Evoque is Motor Trend’s car of the year made by Land Rover.  The car takes a departure […]

Fitness: The Nike Fuel Band


Nike’s latest craze is all of its little gadgets.  From smart watches, to Nike+ running shoes, to the Fuel Band Nike has been making a large push to truly become digital (well as digital as a sneaker company can be). I have been the owner of the Nike Fuel Band for a few months now, […]

Fan made McGriddle puts McDonalds to shame


I believe that everyone out there has been to a restaurant that has incredible food, or an item on the menu that for some reason you just love.  I also believe that said people go home and try to replicate that food for their personal enjoyment.  I know I have been trying to replicate Chipotle’s […]

Yoga + Break Dancing = Awesome

Yoga break dancing

This is an impressive feat.  This gentleman took break dancing to a whole new level by incorporating some back breaking yoga moves into the mix.  Stomp the yard, bring it, and all those other lousy movies have nothing on this 3 minute wonder.  Check out the video below as this kid flips, spins, and twists […]

Mind blowing time-lapse from the space station

Screen Shot 2012-07-25 at 8.38.31 AM

There have been dozens of great scenes sent back to us from the International Space Station (ISS to the cool kids).  This is quite possibly the coolest compilation of what you can see from that big balcony in the sky.  Cities glowing at night, thunder storms flashing, the sun shimmering off over the horizon… awesome. […]

Tiny transforming apartment is possibly world’s coolest

Tiny Apartment

What you are looking at is the transforming, 330 square foot apartment designed by architect Gary Chang.  This apartment has 24 different combinations, including a guest bed! In Hong Kong space is a precious commodity and people have learned to cope with small places very quickly,making use of ever square inch.  The apartment designed by […]