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Prancercise: the 80′s workout craze has arrived


Prancercise is (yes!) as cool as it sounds. The 80′s workout is finally catching on decades later thanks to the Internet. Essentially, it’s a 5-minute workout– and a way of life. It was created by a lovely Florida woman name Joanna Rohrback who was inspired by horses to create the dance-walk workout in 1989. Joanna […]

Fitness: The Nike Fuel Band


Nike’s latest craze is all of its little gadgets.  From smart watches, to Nike+ running shoes, to the Fuel Band Nike has been making a large push to truly become digital (well as digital as a sneaker company can be). I have been the owner of the Nike Fuel Band for a few months now, […]

Yoga + Break Dancing = Awesome

Yoga break dancing

This is an impressive feat.  This gentleman took break dancing to a whole new level by incorporating some back breaking yoga moves into the mix.  Stomp the yard, bring it, and all those other lousy movies have nothing on this 3 minute wonder.  Check out the video below as this kid flips, spins, and twists […]

Bath salts and the Zombie apocalypse

Bath Salt Zombie

Unless you live in a cave, you have heard that the Zombie apocalypse is upon us.  Ok maybe not completely but there are have been some weird events the last week due to a drug called bath salts.  These drugs known as “bath salts”, “plant food”, “Ivory Wave”, “Purple Wave”, and “Bliss” are posing an […]

Traffic Acrobats

Here is an interesting article being reported on by CNN.  Some poor chap pull his car over to check out what happened in an accident.  Unfortunately another motorist tried to dodge the pile of cars as another accident unfolded.  What was the result?  The gentleman was flipped through the air like a 9 year old’s […]