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A cold day in Denver

Cold Day in Denver

While walking around Denver, CO I came across these guys hanging around waiting for their owners.  I want to believe this is what they are thinking: Dog on left: “Hey master, there is a stranger out here and I am telling you because I love you.” Dog on right: “Hey, get the hell out of […]

Mind blowing time-lapse from the space station

Screen Shot 2012-07-25 at 8.38.31 AM

There have been dozens of great scenes sent back to us from the International Space Station (ISS to the cool kids).  This is quite possibly the coolest compilation of what you can see from that big balcony in the sky.  Cities glowing at night, thunder storms flashing, the sun shimmering off over the horizon… awesome. […]

Photo: A bee sting

Bee Sting

Based on this photo of what looks like Lance Armstrong getting stung by a bee, this is going to hurt the bee a lot more than the guy.  A bee keeper was hanging out when he noticed a bee was about to sting him.  A few sequential shots later and this image was created, showing […]

Stunning long exposure photo of space on the ISS


The Smithsonian and the International Space Station have teamed up to take some mind blowing long exposure photos of space.  The opening the shutter for 30 secs at time and this was their result… Incredible Tron-esque photos of space.  Check out the other photos for your viewing pleasure.

Incredible 4k video of timescapes

4K Video

There are a lot of wanna be video makers out there, but every now and then a great new idea pops up.  Tim Lowe is a photographer that has taken photographs and movies to a whole new level.  This below is a trailer for his new movie Timescapes 4K.  Check it out and be inspired. […]