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Prancercise: the 80′s workout craze has arrived


Prancercise is (yes!) as cool as it sounds. The 80′s workout is finally catching on decades later thanks to the Internet. Essentially, it’s a 5-minute workout– and a way of life. It was created by a lovely Florida woman name Joanna Rohrback who was inspired by horses to create the dance-walk workout in 1989. Joanna […]

This dog has seen things: Internet Memes


Internet memes are becoming so popular these days.  There is literally a different meme for any situation that you can imagine.  Because of that, we are going to dedicate our Wednesdays to brightening up your week up with new hilarious/adorable/confusing memes to help you make it through the week.  Here is one of a Dog […]

Lonely Island spoofs Spring Breakers movie


The Lonely Island guys take on Spring Breakers via Between Two Ferns in honor of marriage equality. Allow us to explain! On a new episode of Zach Galifinakis’ faux talk show ‘Between Two Ferns’ actor/singer/whatever James Franco is the special guest. When Zach asks James what actor he would love to work with James responds, […]

Jimmy Kimmel Punks Coachella – VIDEO

Jimmy Kimmel Punk

Jimmy Kimmel score: 1 Coachella score: 0. The late night host brought a special edition of his spoof segment ‘Lie Witness News’ to Coachella Music Festival 2013. Jimmy’s cohorts asked concert goers at the desert festival their opinions on bands that don’t exist– and they obliged. Watch below to see Coachella groupies hilariously praising bands […]

Badman is back, and better than ever


College Humor has brought us another brilliant episode/clip/random acting of Badman, the fat and dumb batman.  In today’s clip the Batman emphasizes how he does not kill villains, but he proceeds to go BAM! and POW! on a few bad guys leaving them deader than Kim Jong-il.  When confronted about his recent killings, pure confusion […]

2013 MTV Movie Awards highlights- How’d Rebel Wilson do?


The 2013 MTV Movie Awards were rebellious, to say the least. MTV’s annual movie awards show was held this Sunday at Sony Pictures Studios in Hollywood, and was hosted for the first time by Bridesmaid’s co-star Rebel Wilson. The Australian actress/ comedian brought her crude humor to the show which set the tone for the […]

The Harlem Shake: The best thing since Tebowing

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 3.20.46 PM

The Harlem Shake has become an interesting and international beast on the internet.  The beauty of it compared to something… such as Gangnam Style, is that they are all very unique.  The only similarity is the song used, and they chaos that ensues halfway through.  Some people may be getting sick of the Harlem Shake, […]