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Jennifer Aniston strips down ‘We’re The Millers’ trailer

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 8.01.53 PM

Jennifer Aniston is baring her sexy, tan, 44-year-old body in new movie “We’re The Millers”– without actually getting naked. In Jen’s upcoming flick, also starring Jason Sudeikis, she plays a stripper but told her pal Chelsea Handler she doesn’t do full nudity in the film. And apparently non-nudity is super fun. Jennifer told Extra, “[Stripping] […]

2013 MTV Movie Awards highlights- How’d Rebel Wilson do?


The 2013 MTV Movie Awards were rebellious, to say the least. MTV’s annual movie awards show was held this Sunday at Sony Pictures Studios in Hollywood, and was hosted for the first time by Bridesmaid’s co-star Rebel Wilson. The Australian actress/ comedian brought her crude humor to the show which set the tone for the […]

Man of Steel trailer – This is going to be awesome

Man of Steel

What happens when you take the producer of Super Man Returns, throw him out, and replace him with Christopher Nolan?  Well have you heard of the new Batman Trilogy?  Yea, this is going to be awesome. As a friend pointed out, the producer doesn’t do very much, but there is no way C. Nol’ is […]

Summer of epic movies: Batman, Bourne, and Bond

SUmmer movies

This is probably one of the best summers for movies in a long time.  Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, Bourne: The Bourne Legacy, Bond: Skyfall.  All of these movies are sequels in very popular series with large amounts of hype. Batman: The Dark Knight Rises is the exciting conclusion to the new Batman series starring Christian Bale.  The previews are […]

If Abraham Lincoln was in a Twilight movie

Abarham v Twilight

You could be a Twilight fan, you could be a vampire fan, you could even hate both.  No matter what I think you will have an appreciation for this photo. Nothing like Abraham Lincoln chasing down (excuse me, hunting) Benjamin Walker.  Have great photos of your own?  Post them in the comments!

Bond Skyfall trailer

Bond Skyfall

Well turning bond from suave Sean Connery to curious Piece Brosnan to dashing Daniel Craig has definitely had it’s effects on Bond films.  The first effect was sad, the second… Blonde Bond… Awesome.  Daniel Craig could quite possible end up being the best Bond to-date. Take a look at the preview to the new Bond […]