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Michael Jordan weds: Who’s the lucky lady?


Basketball legend Michael Jordan is no longer a free agent! 50-year-old Michael wed 35-year-old Yvette Prieto on Saturday in a wedding that surprised the public, but don’t think this was a humble affair. The two married in Palm Beach, Florida at a private golf club with 300-500 of their closest friends. Attendees included Tiger Woods […]

Jay Z to become a sports agent

Jay Z Sports Agent

Well sports fans the entertainment industry is about to crowd the sporting world even more.  It looks like rap artist Jay Z is going to sell his small share in the Brooklyn Nets to expand his Roc Nation business to become an agent for athletes. Roc Nation is teaming up with CAA to form an […]

USA in the World Baseball Classic


The World Baseball Classic is heating up, and so is the US.  Previously David Wright lifted the US over Italy in the Classic with a Grand Slam giving them a 6-2 lead.  Now the US has conquered Canada and is off to the second round of the Classic.  The US will now have to take on Puerto […]

Gods: Nike portrays Kobe as God-like in new commercial

Kobe Bryant Commercial Nike

Well Eagle County and the divorce are completely behind Kobe-licious.  Nike just release a new commercial featuring the one and only Kobe Bryant that is nothing short of uplifting… for Kobe.  The commercial is arrogant, pompous, and pretty well done.  I guess that is all we can ask for these days in commercials:  Entertain us and […]

The NBA’s biggest drama queens get snippy with each other

KG and ANthony Snippy

Another lovely night at the Garden between the Knicks and one of the most disappointing teams in the NBA.  During the fourth quarter, Kevin Garnett and Carmelo Anthony get into a little shoving match.  This, as is tradition, is followed up with kind words. What happens afterwards is slightly odd though.  After the game, Carmelo […]

NFL Week 15: The top dogs are in

Broncos Patriots

Week 15 has wrapped up with major wins and disappointments in the NFL.  The  AFC has had the most interesting shake up, with two new dogs taking the top spot in the Power Rankings.  The New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos.  Good ole’ Brady has lead the Patriots back to the top again, nothing […]

Rondo and Humphries swing it out in Boston v Brooklyn game

Rondo Humphries Fight

Rondo has probably been waiting for an opportunity to go after Chris Humphries for quite a while now.  Actually, the entire NBA has been after the embarrassment of a relationship he had with  Kim Kardashian blew up in his face.  Well Rondo finally got his chance Wednesday night when Humphries sort-of aggressively fouled Kevin Garnett.  To be honest the […]