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Vine: Twitter with videos is awesome


Vine is probably one of the most interesting things I have come across lately, and I am not sure why some of my friends who are masters of recording epic nights have not taken it by storm. The service seems almost identical to twitter, but with quick video clips and audio.  It is great because […]

The Galaxy S4: Let me tell you something


OK so I need to send out a major statement:  I have been an avid iPhone user since the launch of the very first phone.  Not a pure user… Oh no.  I have tried several times to break away from the clan.  The original HTC phones, the Galaxy S, all the flagship Windows Phones, you […]

Siblings: Windows Phone takes shots at Apple and Samsung

Windows Samsung Apple

The Good Ol’ Boys Microsoft and Nokia are at it again, taking hard shots at the big guys on campus: Apple and Samsung.  In this edition there is a lovely wedding going on.  When the bride and groom begin to take their vows, the crowd naturally moves to capture the event with their trusty smartphone. […]

Sick Cameras: Lytro

Lytro Camera

This is one of the coolest cameras I have ever seen.  The new camera by Lytro allows you to create ‘live’ pictures that you can actually change your viewing perspective on… within reason. This is incredibly hard to describe which is why I am begging you to check out the link below to see it […]

Space X Grasshopper floats to new heights


Space X has just completed their highest controlled flight and landing with their new Grasshopper vehicle.  The tubular little guy (10 story little) launched to an altitude of almost 850ft, 3 times higher than the previous flight.  The whole flight looks anything but real, but if you look really close you can almost believe it is […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 hitting the TV

Samsung S4

A while ago we wrote about how Samsung’s real dagger in Apple’s heart not coming from the copying of the iPhone design, but the copying of Apple’s marketing strategy. Samsung recently announced its flagship Galaxy S4 and before its even hit the streets we are being flooded with commercials.  Samsung’s marketing team has been madly […]

Google and Microsoft show their softer sides

Bing april fools

Children, children, children.  Can’t we all just get along and play nice on April Fools day? Microsoft has added a neat little joke to their lesser known/used/quality search site Bing.  When you type ‘Google’ into their search bar, the site takes on the Google theme.  Little colored boxes below provide funny quips about the site […]

The Chromebook Pixel

Chromebook Pixel

Earlier we did an article about how the downfall of Apple wasn’t Samsung coping it’s products, but copying it’s marketing strategy.  Now Google is chasing them down with the same method. Below for you enjoyment we have a video by Google about the Chromebook Pixel, Google’s new incredible and overpriced laptop.  The video looks identical […]