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Siblings: Windows Phone takes shots at Apple and Samsung

Windows Samsung Apple

The Good Ol’ Boys Microsoft and Nokia are at it again, taking hard shots at the big guys on campus: Apple and Samsung.  In this edition there is a lovely wedding going on.  When the bride and groom begin to take their vows, the crowd naturally moves to capture the event with their trusty smartphone. […]

Sick Cameras: Lytro

Lytro Camera

This is one of the coolest cameras I have ever seen.  The new camera by Lytro allows you to create ‘live’ pictures that you can actually change your viewing perspective on… within reason. This is incredibly hard to describe which is why I am begging you to check out the link below to see it […]

The Nikon D600


The Nikon D600 is Nikon’s newest and second most exciting (behind the D800) full frame camera announced at Photokina. The excitement for the D600 comes from its incredibly reasonable price point for a pro-level full frame camera ($2100). Most cameras of this caliber start to bump in to the $3k range fairly quickly, but this […]

New Nikon D600 – Full frame tech junkies rejoice!


 Are you a DSLR user, novice, fan or junkie?  Well start jumping up and down, screaming and kicking.  It is starting to look like the mythical, cheap, full frame DSLR is about to be real.  Nikon Rumors and a few other locations have stumbled upon these leaked photos of what looks like the new D600 […]

The Sony NEX 7


  At first you might be wondering why this photo isn’t better quality – after all, it is a camera article.  It was done with my trusty iPhone as the camera I wanted to snap it with is well… being photographed. Typically these camera articles will not be hands-on reviews, but more satirical jabs at […]