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The Galaxy S4: Let me tell you something


OK so I need to send out a major statement:  I have been an avid iPhone user since the launch of the very first phone.  Not a pure user… Oh no.  I have tried several times to break away from the clan.  The original HTC phones, the Galaxy S, all the flagship Windows Phones, you […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 hitting the TV

Samsung S4

A while ago we wrote about how Samsung’s real dagger in Apple’s heart not coming from the copying of the iPhone design, but the copying of Apple’s marketing strategy. Samsung recently announced its flagship Galaxy S4 and before its even hit the streets we are being flooded with commercials.  Samsung’s marketing team has been madly […]

The new Galaxy S 4

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 10.33.42 PM

The new Samsung Galaxy S 4 is here.  The phone is fast, giant, thin, pixel heavy, and looks just like the Galaxy S III… which is like the iPhone… SO naturally we are kicking back waiting for a lawsuit. The new juggernaut is going to launch with the latest version of Android 4.2 before really […]

Juicy Hardware: The HTC One


  The HTC One is about to go live in the US, and the good old guys over at The Verge have a nice and snazzy review of this new beast.  In my honest opinion, the is the first phone that can go toe-for-toe with the iPhone in terms of quality.  The metal body, giant […]

Want an iPhone 5? What about an iPhone 5S?

iPhone 5 White

Some of you out there may have just bought an iPhone 5, or are still waiting to receive yours in the mail.  For those of you that fit this bill, you may want to plug your ears and close your eyes.  According to the Apple addict site 9to5mac, Asian manufacturers are reporting the production of […]

The Nokia Lumia 920


Smartphone addicts rejoice as the new Windows Phone 8 line up went on sale this Friday.  By far the most anticipated phones coming out are the HTC 8X and the Nokia Lumia 920. I for one am excited and the proud new owner of the Lumia 920.  I am switching to this phone from my […]

A gadget addicts dilemma


Never in my life could I have imagined technology becoming so polarizing in society.  Yes there was the Mac v Windows days, but it was more of an underdog story.  Now Apple has taken a back seat in advertising to focus on how much sense their products make, and how they are going to change […]