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TWO cute video articles in a row?  Well happy Sunday.  I stumbled across this entertaining video of a baby Panda trying to escape from its crib.  The first attempt is nervous and half hearted.  When some she-devil drags the little guy back into the crib, all bets are off.

Several more attempts are aggressive and full hearted.  Some American tourists are video taping and commentating the entire event.  Why does this lady insist on putting him back, and keeping freedom a set of bars away from the poor guy?  Because panda’s are a-holes.  The worst types of jerks you can ever meet.  Don’t know what I am talking about?  Watch the cute video of the guy trying to escape, and then watch the video below for the future of him if he had escaped.

In a nut shell stay away from Egypt, Panda’s and cheese.