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Nike’s latest craze is all of its little gadgets.  From smart watches, to Nike+ running shoes, to the Fuel Band Nike has been making a large push to truly become digital (well as digital as a sneaker company can be).

I have been the owner of the Nike Fuel Band for a few months now, and I have to say that I have become a true lover of the device.  That being said, let me get all of the bad apples out of the way first.  This band is almost completely worthless unless you are comparing its metrics against other fuel bands.  The steps are wrong, the calories are OK, and Fuel measurements are confusing at best.  Nike Fuel points do not translate into anything else.

You can be at the gym doing some running, weight lifting, and a little biking.  During this you may rack up 500 points towards that 3,000 point goal of yours.  Next you are out at the bar slamming beers and shots with your friends when… Pffff whoa, I just… hiccup… racked up 1,500 points.  That’s the problem, it doesn’t quite make sense how it makes its points.

What’s that, you don’t care? You have other friends with Fuel Bands, or you are going to accept them for what they are: a metric of movement?  Then awesome, and this is going to be an incredible and fun device for you.  The Fuel Band is incredibly consistent and accurate in its own right.  When comparing between other people it is spot on, and actually a lot of fun to use.  It records your daily movement, displays it in a fun and easy to read graph, then allows you to share it and compare with all your friends.  The device is developed to encourage movement and activity, and it does this marvelously.

Would I recommend this device?  If you are looking for a hip new gadget, and are into being active: Yes without a doubt.  If you are Lance Armstrong looking to analyze how your latest round of dopants affected your skills:  Then No.  Check out the Full download from Nike in the video below.