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Fun Run

Are you sitting in line at the DMV, bored out of your mind because you sold your ID to a young teammate?  You look up and see that they are on number B156, and you are N255?  What the hell kind of system is this!?!?

I have the childish, and slightly gory solution for you.  Fun Run.  It is a simple game that takes about 30 seconds to a minute to play each round.  Pick a furry critter and run through a map Mario style all the while trying to kill the 3 other online players your are against.  Want to play a friend or 3?  Sure, you can do that too!

The game is addicting, there are a few unlocks, and best of all it is free.  Check out now in the Google Play Store, or the Apple App Store today.  Or check out the video below for the full download.