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How in the world this nerd smut made it onto TV is completely beyond me.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a big fan of Gizmodo: The way they bought that stolen iPhone prototype a while ago… Classic.  But this show is the strangest thing ever.

Naturally I am on BBC waiting for Top Gear (because lets be honest, the American version blows), but suddenly this show comes on.  It literally is just like the American version of Top Gear, but for gadgets and nerds.  Not the cool kind of nerds… You know, the kinds that design the next iPhone or do rocket science, but the kind that want to watch how the top geeky vacuums can tackle dust on a rock obstacle course.

Yea, I know that rant was oddly specific, but that is truly what the show is like.  It is deeper than that though.  I believe we are really beginning to run out of things to put on TV.  I mean, have you seen the previews for the show Splash?  Watch Celebrities belly flop into a pool? Really???

People need to start going outside, or spend more time reading compelling blogs online…

Here is a clip of the show for you to develop your own opinion.