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Here's to the curious

2012 is coming to a close pretty soon here (maybe sooner if the Mayans are right).  To celebrate the occasion, Google has put together an incredible video highlighting the year we had.  It is actually very remarkable.  SOOO much has happened this year that it seems like eternity has passed since some of the events.  Naturally Google does this by highlighting some of their product features, but that is what makes the video even more beautiful.  Google has been in our lives for so long now that we forget the impact it really has.  Beyond that, we forget the impact it has on history and how we experience the world around us.

Social media has intertwined nations, countries and people in a way never seen before.  Naturally Facebook comes to mind, but there is also YouTube, Google+, Google Search and more.  Google has changed the way we receive news, watch news, look for news, and overall experience it.  All this with the year 2012 is wrapped in a nice lovely package.

Check out the video below for the Full download to see what I mean.