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Google Galaxy S 3

Recently the CEO of Google sat down with Miguel Helft of Fortune to talk tech, the future of mobile Google, and Apple.  The interview is both interesting, and incredibly awkward.

Miguel: So in light of that, Apple’s still a partner. It’s a competitor. You and Steve Jobs were friendly.
Larry: At times.

The conversation goes on like this for quite a while, with Larry dodging questions about competitors.  At one point he states that it is pointless for Google to incessantly focus on other companies (Apple, Amazon) because you are focusing on the now rather than the future.  With this mind set, there is no way to get two steps ahead.

Naturally the interview continued to focus on Apple to which Page summarized the topic with

it would be nice if everybody would get along better and the users didn’t suffer as a result of other people’s activities

People sometimes forget that Google is an American company looking to become become top dog.  The views of one of their founding CEOs is very interesting with this in mind.  To check out the interview, head on over to Fortune in the link below.

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