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The rumor mills have been churning like crazy the past few months with leak after leak.  It looks like we have nailed down September 12th as the release date which was confirmed by insider Jim Dalrymple with a “Yup”.

Great, we now know when it is coming, but what is it?  Well It looks like this is going to be the coolest looking iPhone yet based on the photo above, but is it going to deliver more than just a hot body?

There are rumors of a quadcore processor, 1GB of ram, a better camera, a retina 4in screen,  NFC and more, but we will only know when we see.

Now matter what, the next piece of hardware is going to be a beast, and no one can compete with Apple on the premium quality they bring in their phones.  Until we see it in person, drool over the video below.  This puppy is going to be flashy.