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The HTC One is about to go live in the US, and the good old guys over at The Verge have a nice and snazzy review of this new beast.  In my honest opinion, the is the first phone that can go toe-for-toe with the iPhone in terms of quality.  The metal body, giant glass face, and sleek overall look is something that really sets this phone apart from its android counterparts.

No longer are plastic crap gadgets the norm.  Phones are becoming fragile and magnificent works of art that are making the case and accessory industry jump for joy.

On top of looking good, this phone is a power house.  It has a strange 4 megapixel camera with “UltraPixels” that are suppose to deliver incredible photos.  It also has a 1.7GHz quad-core process to power the monter’s 1080p screen.  This thing is so power and good looking that it will melt your brain and make your eyes pour tears of joy.

Check out the video below for the Full Download.

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