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Kanye West’s first single “BLKKK SKKKN HEAD” off new album “Yeezus” has finally gotten the music video treatment.

A video for the track leaked on July 8th showing a dark, twisted black and white CGI video with a naked computer generated Kanye. And we now know the leaked video was pretty darn close to the real thing. On Monday July 22 Kanye released the official “Black Skinhead” video on his website, which sees very little changes from the leaked version.

The main difference is the revolutionary interactivity of the clip, created over 5 months, with Internet and Smartphone users in mind. The video lets watchers adjust the speed of the video as they please and easily take screen photos at any moment. But are you going to want to do that? The artistic music video starts with three hooded KKK members with tall black hats and only their beady eyes are shown, seemingly Kanye’s. The hooded figures turn into scary looking barking dogs and then finally into a pack of men bare backed and turned around. The primal themed video sees a CGI sketched Kanye appear, also as we’ve seen in the leaked video, still with his face blacked out. The man is jumping around in darkness and soon a new figure appears with only a gold chain on.

What we didn’t notice before was as Kanye raps the phrase “King Kong” a gorilla flashes on the screen. Nice touch right there. Eventually Kanye’s face appears on the man’s body, but it’s a CGI face made to look like Yeezy. The scariest part of the video comes when Kanye turns into a silver monster himself. And if you’re wondering if Kanye’s CGI male parts are included in this final version of the video, the answer is yes. The video ends with the dog and KKK member’s eyes staring at you. So men are animals? What message do you think Kanye is getting at here?

Watch here.

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