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Monkey Unequal Pay

This is probably one of the most interesting Ted Talks I have ever seen, and quite possibly one of the funniest as well.

In this Ted talk, the thought process of unequal pay and compassion is experimented on two Capuchin monkeys.  For completing the exact same task, handing a rock to their human captor, the monkeys are paid for their services.  One monkey is paid in a measly cucumber, while the other is paid with a delicious grape.

At first the monkey getting the cucumber, we’ll call him Rick, is stoked about receiving his payment.  Then he watches as the other monkey, Fred, gets paid in the prized grape.  ”The F$%K is this?”.  Sure there is a mistake, Rick proceeds to complete the task again, and again receives a cucumber.  ”Oh, hell no”.  Rick proceeds to lose his mind at the unfairness of the situation while Fred continues to keep a good thing going.

This is something that literally blew the mind of psychologist, politicians and economists.  They were sure some sort of compassion would prevail from the other monkey (Fred).  Monkeys (and humans) truly are selfish little shits.  Check out the video below for the Full download.