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The Lonely Island guys take on Spring Breakers via Between Two Ferns in honor of marriage equality. Allow us to explain!

On a new episode of Zach Galifinakis’ faux talk show ‘Between Two Ferns’ actor/singer/whatever James Franco is the special guest. When Zach asks James what actor he would love to work with James responds, “Ed Norton”. Musical parody group The Lonely Island enter on cue as the night’s musical guest to perform new song “Spring Break Anthem”, a spoof on the recent Spring Breakers movie starring Selena Gomez.

Buuuuut the song parody is actually a confusing promo for same sex marriage (we think?). Between shots of bikini kids on Spring Break taking beer bongs we see James and Zach getting married. “Marry a Man!” is our favorite repetitive line in the song. “Spring Break Anthem” is actually a real track that will be featured on The Lonely Island’s forthcoming album called “The Wack Album” set to drop June 11.

Yes, Ed Norton makes a cameo. Check out the hilarious video yourself!


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