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Basketball legend Michael Jordan is no longer a free agent!

50-year-old Michael wed 35-year-old Yvette Prieto on Saturday in a wedding that surprised the public, but don’t think this was a humble affair. The two married in Palm Beach, Florida at a private golf club with 300-500 of their closest friends. Attendees included Tiger Woods and Spike Lee with performances at the reception by Usher, Robin Thicke and K’Jon. Must be nice!

So who is Mrs. Jordan? Yvette Prieto stayed relatively under the radar during their five-year courtship, a welcome surprise. Yvette is an ex-model who reportedly “grounds” Michael, known for his larger-than-life ego. She even convinced him to take a seven-hour drive to visit his family in North Carolina which he previously would have taken via a private jet.

But don’t think this is Yvette’s first taste of celebrity life- she formerly dated Julio Iglesias, Jr. We wish Yvette and Michael all the best and look forward to this reformed NBA icon Michael Jordan!

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