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Brian Williams of NBC sat down with Apple Chief Tim Cook to give an exclusive interview about Apple and the new leadership style of Cook.  Since the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple has been undergoing a dramatic change in work place dynamics.  Recently Apple has ousted their “closest duplication” of Jobs, Scott Forstall.  They also have made Jony Ive the VP of Industrial Design, and the new over looker of iOS (Forstall’s former position).  Bob Mansfield who recently retired has come back on board now that Scott Forstall is out of the picture as well.

The era of brute force and confrontation that made Apple legendary seems to be coming to an end as the company looks to continue on as the cutting edge of innovation.  The interview with Brian Williams is sure to be interesting.  In the video below, it is pointed out that Cook lacks the rock star status that Jobs held with the public, but not within the company.  Watch the video and get excited for Dec 6th.

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