Psy is going overkill on Gangnam Style

Psy Tommy Lasorda

Not one to let a good thing die, even after its dead, Psy was seen this week showing off Gangname Style at the LA Dodgers game.  Tommy Lasorda, the famed manager and player, was front row to watch the demonstration.  Halfway through it looked like he was about to get up and use every ounce […]

Life is unfair: Monkeys hate unequal pay

Monkey Unequal Pay

This is probably one of the most interesting Ted Talks I have ever seen, and quite possibly one of the funniest as well. In this Ted talk, the thought process of unequal pay and compassion is experimented on two Capuchin monkeys.  For completing the exact same task, handing a rock to their human captor, the […]

Siblings: Windows Phone takes shots at Apple and Samsung

Windows Samsung Apple

The Good Ol’ Boys Microsoft and Nokia are at it again, taking hard shots at the big guys on campus: Apple and Samsung.  In this edition there is a lovely wedding going on.  When the bride and groom begin to take their vows, the crowd naturally moves to capture the event with their trusty smartphone. […]

Michael Jordan weds: Who’s the lucky lady?


Basketball legend Michael Jordan is no longer a free agent! 50-year-old Michael wed 35-year-old Yvette Prieto on Saturday in a wedding that surprised the public, but don’t think this was a humble affair. The two married in Palm Beach, Florida at a private golf club with 300-500 of their closest friends. Attendees included Tiger Woods […]

Ray J casts Kim Kardashian twin in music video


Ray J’s has found Kim Kardashian’s long lost twin sister. As we previously reported, singer Ray J dropped an unexpected track called “I Hit It First” at the beginning of the month. Brandy’s little brother has since claimed the song is NOT about his former flame and sex tape partner, Kim Kardashian. However, his new […]

Sick Cameras: Lytro

Lytro Camera

This is one of the coolest cameras I have ever seen.  The new camera by Lytro allows you to create ‘live’ pictures that you can actually change your viewing perspective on… within reason. This is incredibly hard to describe which is why I am begging you to check out the link below to see it […]

Jimmy Kimmel Punks Coachella – VIDEO

Jimmy Kimmel Punk

Jimmy Kimmel score: 1 Coachella score: 0. The late night host brought a special edition of his spoof segment ‘Lie Witness News’ to Coachella Music Festival 2013. Jimmy’s cohorts asked concert goers at the desert festival their opinions on bands that don’t exist– and they obliged. Watch below to see Coachella groupies hilariously praising bands […]