Reese Witherspoon’s illegally blonde arrest


Reese Witherspoon’s illegally blonde moment reveals a surprising drunken ego. American’s Sweetheart and her husband Jim Toth were arrest in Atlanta Georgia over the weekend. Jim was booked for a DUI charge after he was noticed by police driving in the wrong lane. Reese was cited for disorderly conduct, and the details of what she […]

Space X Grasshopper floats to new heights


Space X has just completed their highest controlled flight and landing with their new Grasshopper vehicle.  The tubular little guy (10 story little) launched to an altitude of almost 850ft, 3 times higher than the previous flight.  The whole flight looks anything but real, but if you look really close you can almost believe it is […]

Badman is back, and better than ever


College Humor has brought us another brilliant episode/clip/random acting of Badman, the fat and dumb batman.  In today’s clip the Batman emphasizes how he does not kill villains, but he proceeds to go BAM! and POW! on a few bad guys leaving them deader than Kim Jong-il.  When confronted about his recent killings, pure confusion […]

Would Anne Frank have been a Belieber?

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 8.02.14 PM

Justin Bieber is not only haunting our radio airwaves but now the ghost of Anne Frank. Pop sensation Justin Bieber recently visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam while on a stopover during his European tour over the weekend. Justin set the internet on fire when the museum’s Facebook page reported he wrote this in […]

2013 MTV Movie Awards highlights- How’d Rebel Wilson do?


The 2013 MTV Movie Awards were rebellious, to say the least. MTV’s annual movie awards show was held this Sunday at Sony Pictures Studios in Hollywood, and was hosted for the first time by Bridesmaid’s co-star Rebel Wilson. The Australian actress/ comedian brought her crude humor to the show which set the tone for the […]

Psy “Gentleman” is “Gangnam Style” 2.0


Psy’s new track “Gentleman” was supposed to debut this Friday, but in true modern fashion it’s leaked online. South Korean rapper, Psy, known of course for “Gangnam Style” has carefully planned his next big U.S. single. Upon first listen “Gentleman” follows the same outline as “Gangnam Style” with monotonous bass, synths, beat drops, one-liners, and […]