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Ray J’s has found Kim Kardashian’s long lost twin sister.

As we previously reported, singer Ray J dropped an unexpected track called “I Hit It First” at the beginning of the month. Brandy’s little brother has since claimed the song is NOT about his former flame and sex tape partner, Kim Kardashian. However, his new music video begs to differ.

The video for the track depicts an undeniable Kim Kardashian look-a-like as Ray J’s counterpart. The comparison really is uncanny with the model dressed in a slicked back ponytail, black and lace dress, and a larger-than-life booty. Further, the music video sees Ray J and his lady recreate the infamous sex tape… except they have all their clothes on.

Ray J is kidding himself if he is still going to deny the song isn’t about his ex-girlfriend Kim K. The top it all off, the video concludes with Ray J on a bed watching the “F Network” with his leading lady on the screen. This E! Network reality show spoof is too hard to ignore and Ray J’s look at the camera says it all.

See what we mean below. Do you think this gal looks like Kim?


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