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EvoqueLooking to look fresh to death cruising down the road?  Looking go bigger than a car, but not quite ready for a giant SUV yet?  Have a little cash to burn?

Look No Further.

The 2013 Range Rover Evoque is Motor Trend’s car of the year made by Land Rover.  The car takes a departure from Land Rover’s typical gas guzzling tank style of cars and ventures into a new arena of cool.

The car partially inspired by Posh Spice is slick, nimble, and a beast on the road.  This car is loaded with technology to help you get around the city, jungle, and desert (most likely just the mall though).  Six cameras surround this bad jackson to keep that paint fresh and ding free.  The car also self parks.

Rumored features include: personal Chinese factory to manufacture iPhones, Yo-Yo Ma in the back seat playing the Cello, and Kim Kardashian making out with Kanye in the trunk.

Check out the videos below for the Full Download!