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One of the things that made Apple great was its ability to connect with customers.  Their commercials made us feel like we were going to improve the way we lived by buying their products.  Apple is now on the defensive, accusing Samsung of stealing their technology.  That is not what they should be accusing them of.

Samsung has come to be great not just through incredible, stolen hardware.  It has achieved staggering financial quarters through redefining their marketing.  Samsung sat back, took a hard look at and Apple and said we are going to beat them on the marketing front.  The result:  Samsung has overthrown Apple in mobile shipments.

What’s that?  You think I am being an iSheep cry baby?  Take a look at the commercials below.  The first one is from the first device that really targeted Apple and was not that successful.  The second is from the Galaxy S3, and really starts to tackle Apple’s market space.