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Lytro CameraThis is one of the coolest cameras I have ever seen.  The new camera by Lytro allows you to create ‘live’ pictures that you can actually change your viewing perspective on… within reason.

This is incredibly hard to describe which is why I am begging you to check out the link below to see it for yourself.  The camera uses the entire light field presented to sensor and does a sort of ray and vector analysis and processing on the light.  The result?  Incredible images that you can change the focal point and perspective on while achieving incredible color and detail, all after the fact.

Once you have finished with your image, you can share it as a still anyway you want, OR you can share the live image with your friends.  Sit back and wait for you phone calls as your friend’s roommates call panicked because your friend’s mind just exploded.  Check out the link below for the Full download.

Thanks for tip Brittany!

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