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So the iPad mini has been out for a few weeks now, and there are many people out there who are proud new owners of the device.  Is the device right for you though?  Typically Apple has done an outstanding job of illustrating exactly how a particular device is going to fit into your life and make it ‘better’.  The iPad mini has proven to be a tricky one though.  Many people are finding themselves stuck trying to pick between the traditional 4th generation iPad and the new smaller iPad mini.  Luckly I have the difference for you, right here.

As always, I am going through another gadget dilemma.  This time though, the solution came to me in the most practical form possible.  While sitting in a Coffee Bean trying to do a GoToMeeting on my computer, answer texts on my phone, and respond to emails on my iPad (4th gen) I found my self immediately a decision crossroad and my life answered the question for me.  I needed a new job… And using the iPad to blast out quick little emails and read them with your hands full was a joke.  It was kind of great for games and movies on the airplane, but again it was pretty cumbersome when I had a full laptop at my disposal.

Enters the iPad mini.  After my nightmare meeting I made a trip to the Apple store to pick up one of the bad boys to try out.  Immediately I was pissed off by the resolution of the screen.  Holding back reservations though I tried to allow it to fill in the tech space in my life.  The device is light, delightful and easy to use.  When I wanted more, I turned to where I was already finding myself turning… to my laptop, or to my phone.  Trying to pick a device based on sex appeal and horsepower alone will not leave you with the right product (as samsung advertises theirs, and as how I picked the 4th gen iPad).  When you eliminate the cool factor and start to understand how the product fits into what you need it to do, the decision comes easy.  Non-the-less I leave you with a review of the iPad from The Verge, as well as contrasting commercial styles from Apple and Samsung.  Enjoy!

p.s. If you really want to make a mistake, go purchase a Kindle, Nook, or Galaxy Note 2 Phablet… The surface is a sweet product to try out though if you are ready to convert to Windows 8.