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This is probably one of the best summers for movies in a long time.  Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, Bourne: The Bourne Legacy, Bond: Skyfall.  All of these movies are sequels in very popular series with large amounts of hype.

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises is the exciting conclusion to the new Batman series starring Christian Bale.  The previews are dark, exciting, and action packed.  The movie will host a lesser known villain Bane and Anne Hathaway as Cat Woman.  The special effects look out of this world.  Who doesn’t want to see a football field blown up while Hines Ward lumbers his retired butt down the field?

The Bourne Legacy is the 4th film in the Jason Bourne series about a special agent program gone wrong.  Jason Bourne played by Matt Damon has taken a back seat to the new Aaron Cross played by Jeremy Renner.  Nothing more to say than get ready for some awesome car chase scenes, spy action, and crazy gun fights.

Finally Skyfall will be coming out to continue to forever lasting Bond  movies.  Daniel Craig may be looking a little old in the movie, but it looks terrifically exciting none the less.   The new dark twist will provide new life to the Bond series and provide great drama.

There may be a lot of other exciting movies coming out this summer, but who cares with this line up.  There others are set to disappoint after these are done with the box office (except for vampire movies… duh).  Check out the links below to learn more and enjoy the awesome trailers.

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