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The problems in the Middle East continue to worsen and widen as a new cross border conflict starts to grow.  According to various reports and CNN, Syria shot down a Turkish reconnaissance plane, sparking outrage from Turkey.

Turkey immediately denounced the downing of their plane, calling it an unwarranted hostile act forcing them to take a military stance with the Syrian border.  Turkey goes on to explain that even if the plane was in Syrian airspace for a few seconds, it did not pose any kind of threat and it was inexcusable to shoot the plane down.

Jihad Makdissi of Syria spoke saying that they were the wronged party and maintained the position that Syria had its airspace violated.  He went on to state that Turkey even admitted that it violated the airspace.

These are two heavily armed countries in an extremely volatile region.  Turkey may be using the upped rhetoric to push the US and Nato into attacking Syria who has already been on the radar for brutally attacking its own people.  The Syrian regime along with their president Bashar Al-Assad have been in denial to the international community about any wrong doing, but actions like this may be breaking point.

In my opinion all Syria had to do was lock on to the plane, forcing it to call Goose for help, and causing it to high tail it out of there.  Can’t we all just get along?  BTW, some of these nut house countries have nukes…  We can’t just go in swinging a bat or things will get ugly REALLY quick.  Check the video for the Full download.