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The Harlem Shake: The best thing since Tebowing

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 3.20.46 PM

The Harlem Shake has become an interesting and international beast on the internet.  The beauty of it compared to something… such as Gangnam Style, is that they are all very unique.  The only similarity is the song used, and they chaos that ensues halfway through.  Some people may be getting sick of the Harlem Shake, […]

Cute: It’s Friday… Again!


There is something terrible wrong when you are worried about your readers because you missed a week, but the only concerned emails you get are about the new Friday cute article.  By popular demand, here it is… with my twist on it!  Enjoy

Cats and a crazy little girls thoughts

Kittens inspire by kittens

 I am typically not one to spend hours on YouTube watching cat videos.  Ok who am I kidding, I love watching cats have their faces mashed through a piece of toast, or jump around as if their are crazed (they are). Well I was just introduced to this hilarious video of a little girl who […]

Facebook integration coming to iOS


Did you know your iPhone has Twitter integration?  Yea, well it does.  Now Facebook integration is on its way to iOS as well.  Found a sweet app and want to like it?  Then do it!  Want to post a funny picture of your cat straight to FB?  Then do it! Facebook integration into iOS is […]