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This is going to be awesome on YouTube… omg run!

Little Brothers

I have a little brother (actually he is huge) and I could see this being right up our alley.  Actually know that I think about it, I don’t even know if they are brothers, they might just be (correct  were) friends. Assuming they are, little brothers are great partners in crime.  Check out this hilarious video […]

Cats and a crazy little girls thoughts

Kittens inspire by kittens

 I am typically not one to spend hours on YouTube watching cat videos.  Ok who am I kidding, I love watching cats have their faces mashed through a piece of toast, or jump around as if their are crazed (they are). Well I was just introduced to this hilarious video of a little girl who […]

What is Socialcam and why is everyone on it?


I keep seeing that Joe Blow saw Katy Perry headbutted Justin Bieber in the face on Facebook.  Naturally I really want to watch this (as I am sure everyone does) so I click on the link in Facebook.  What what what?!?!?  I need to log into Socialcam? Short answer, yes.  Socialcam and Viddy are apps […]