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This dog has seen things: Internet Memes


Internet memes are becoming so popular these days.  There is literally a different meme for any situation that you can imagine.  Because of that, we are going to dedicate our Wednesdays to brightening up your week up with new hilarious/adorable/confusing memes to help you make it through the week.  Here is one of a Dog […]

Lonely Island spoofs Spring Breakers movie


The Lonely Island guys take on Spring Breakers via Between Two Ferns in honor of marriage equality. Allow us to explain! On a new episode of Zach Galifinakis’ faux talk show ‘Between Two Ferns’ actor/singer/whatever James Franco is the special guest. When Zach asks James what actor he would love to work with James responds, […]

Friday ecards!


It’s Friday and you know what that means right?  Friday ecards! It has to be good to be good lookin’, but it ain’t easy. Have a great ecard of your own?  Share it below!  

Exclusive: (Not so) new Lonely Island video!

The Shooting AKA Dear Sister

The Shooter AKA Dear Sister is the name.  This is the new video by Lonely Island with exclusive access on YouTube.  I have been waiting for a new video ever since Michael Bolton became engraved in my retinas. Ok so this bad boy came out in 2007, but here it is, large and in charge.  There is […]

Some quarterback that I use to know

Some Quarter Back

This has to be one of the funniest parodies I have seen since the video about Kyle Orton’s kneck beard.  These hilarious people take the Gotye video and re-purpose it for the Denver Broncos.  Makes way more sense than Glee right? The video is all about the Drama between the old and new quarterbacks (Tebow and Manning), […]

Commercial Wednesday!

Dos Equis

A great new segment to help get you through the week!  We are going to bring you the funniest commercials we find for the week right here.  Naturally we have to start with Dos Equis.  The most interesting man in the world said that I needed to do this to be popular so…  Here are […]