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Psy is going overkill on Gangnam Style

Psy Tommy Lasorda

Not one to let a good thing die, even after its dead, Psy was seen this week showing off Gangname Style at the LA Dodgers game.  Tommy Lasorda, the famed manager and player, was front row to watch the demonstration.  Halfway through it looked like he was about to get up and use every ounce […]

Gods: Nike portrays Kobe as God-like in new commercial

Kobe Bryant Commercial Nike

Well Eagle County and the divorce are completely behind Kobe-licious.  Nike just release a new commercial featuring the one and only Kobe Bryant that is nothing short of uplifting… for Kobe.  The commercial is arrogant, pompous, and pretty well done.  I guess that is all we can ask for these days in commercials:  Entertain us and […]

Who are the LA Kings?

LA kings girl

If you are like me and most of the general public, when you think of LA sports you general think of 1 of 3 teams; the Lakers and Kobe, Lob City (the Clippers for those of you who live in a cave), or occasionally the Dodgers when Matt Kemp is killin’ it or the fans […]