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Jennifer Aniston strips down ‘We’re The Millers’ trailer

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 8.01.53 PM

Jennifer Aniston is baring her sexy, tan, 44-year-old body in new movie “We’re The Millers”– without actually getting naked. In Jen’s upcoming flick, also starring Jason Sudeikis, she plays a stripper but told her pal Chelsea Handler she doesn’t do full nudity in the film. And apparently non-nudity is super fun. Jennifer told Extra, “[Stripping] […]

Apple unveils new retina MacBook Pro and more


Well Apple fans, isheep, and everyone in between the time has come and past.  Apple has announced all of its goodies at the World Wide Developer Conference.  What did Apple have to show for itself beside some clever jabs at Android courtesy of Siri?  Lots and little at the same time: Yes – Retina display […]

Cats and a crazy little girls thoughts

Kittens inspire by kittens

 I am typically not one to spend hours on YouTube watching cat videos.  Ok who am I kidding, I love watching cats have their faces mashed through a piece of toast, or jump around as if their are crazed (they are). Well I was just introduced to this hilarious video of a little girl who […]

What is Socialcam and why is everyone on it?


I keep seeing that Joe Blow saw Katy Perry headbutted Justin Bieber in the face on Facebook.  Naturally I really want to watch this (as I am sure everyone does) so I click on the link in Facebook.  What what what?!?!?  I need to log into Socialcam? Short answer, yes.  Socialcam and Viddy are apps […]

Incredible 4k video of timescapes

4K Video

There are a lot of wanna be video makers out there, but every now and then a great new idea pops up.  Tim Lowe is a photographer that has taken photographs and movies to a whole new level.  This below is a trailer for his new movie Timescapes 4K.  Check it out and be inspired. […]