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The best Gotye parody yet!

Gotye Parody

The hot new video out there is Gotye, the entire group, playing one guitar.  Someone on the end banging on it like a drum, 3 “guitar players” and one bearded buy making that clinky sound.  Honestly I kind of hate the Gotye song.  It is whinny, over played and annoying.  But about 1/3 of America […]

Mike Tyson loses his mind on the Today Show

Mike Tyson

NBC may have tried to cover up this fiasco with the new “Here today, gone tomorrow” Ann Curry fiasco, but I am not over it.  As a matter of fact, every time I watch it, it gets funnier and funnier. He is a vegan and former prostitute hunter.  His words not mine.  Poor Spike Lee […]

A kid and their crazy thoughts

Misnamed Animals

Kids say the darnedest things don’t they?  Bill Cosby would agree with me.  This hilarious video is called Island of Misnamed Animals.  It is about a parent’s child and the crazy names it gave their pet stuffed animals and… pet cat. Remember that Chewy Bar commercial?  The one where the dad brings his kid to work […]

Friday ecards!


It’s Friday and you know what that means right?  Friday ecards! It has to be good to be good lookin’, but it ain’t easy. Have a great ecard of your own?  Share it below!  

Some quarterback that I use to know

Some Quarter Back

This has to be one of the funniest parodies I have seen since the video about Kyle Orton’s kneck beard.  These hilarious people take the Gotye video and re-purpose it for the Denver Broncos.  Makes way more sense than Glee right? The video is all about the Drama between the old and new quarterbacks (Tebow and Manning), […]

Commercial Wednesday!

Dos Equis

A great new segment to help get you through the week!  We are going to bring you the funniest commercials we find for the week right here.  Naturally we have to start with Dos Equis.  The most interesting man in the world said that I needed to do this to be popular so…  Here are […]

Little Hedgehog stuck in a sink

Hedge Hog Sink

You’ve made it.  It is Wednesday and you are halfway through the week.  A treat for you is this video of a little hedgehog stuck in a sink.  The little guy is trying so hard to get out but can’t.  This video is slowly becoming viral and I knew it would make some people’s weeks […]

Cats and a crazy little girls thoughts

Kittens inspire by kittens

 I am typically not one to spend hours on YouTube watching cat videos.  Ok who am I kidding, I love watching cats have their faces mashed through a piece of toast, or jump around as if their are crazed (they are). Well I was just introduced to this hilarious video of a little girl who […]