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This dog has seen things: Internet Memes


Internet memes are becoming so popular these days.  There is literally a different meme for any situation that you can imagine.  Because of that, we are going to dedicate our Wednesdays to brightening up your week up with new hilarious/adorable/confusing memes to help you make it through the week.  Here is one of a Dog […]

Rebels in Syria can now take down aircraft (video)

Mean while in Seria

The Arab Spring is spinning wildly out of control now.  The portion of it gaining to most international attention has to be Syria with its armed rebels beginning to gain the upper hand over the ruling Asad Regime.  This video shows how the rebels are now gaining the ability to shoot down government helicopters with […]

Syria shoots down Turkish jet

Turkey Syria

The problems in the Middle East continue to worsen and widen as a new cross border conflict starts to grow.  According to various reports and CNN, Syria shot down a Turkish reconnaissance plane, sparking outrage from Turkey. Turkey immediately denounced the downing of their plane, calling it an unwarranted hostile act forcing them to take a military stance […]