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Siblings: Windows Phone takes shots at Apple and Samsung

Windows Samsung Apple

The Good Ol’ Boys Microsoft and Nokia are at it again, taking hard shots at the big guys on campus: Apple and Samsung.  In this edition there is a lovely wedding going on.  When the bride and groom begin to take their vows, the crowd naturally moves to capture the event with their trusty smartphone. […]

The Microsoft Surface

Surface 6

You have been waiting for it… Wait… no you haven’t…  But here it is.  This is the Microsoft surface.  This is Microsoft’s tablet running Windows RT, and their clunky tablet response to the Apple iPad. The surface actually looks like it has a sleek, industrial PC design, with a smart cover/keyboard.  This is extremely cool to […]

Facebook phone mock-up


Here is an exciting mock up of what is suppose to be the new Facebook phone.  Some sites are calling this the final design, others are calling it a doodle done by a good artist.  Either way the drawing looks sleek and incredible. The design definitely takes some pages from the books of HTC, Apple, […]

Spotify is king


I am pretty sure almost everyone out there who has used Pandora has a love hate relationship.  You can just barely tweak the stations to play what you want, then it rarely plays the songs you want when you want to hear them. THEN it plays some God awful ad for Bud Platinum or that […]