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Lonely Island spoofs Spring Breakers movie


The Lonely Island guys take on Spring Breakers via Between Two Ferns in honor of marriage equality. Allow us to explain! On a new episode of Zach Galifinakis’ faux talk show ‘Between Two Ferns’ actor/singer/whatever James Franco is the special guest. When Zach asks James what actor he would love to work with James responds, […]

Exclusive: (Not so) new Lonely Island video!

The Shooting AKA Dear Sister

The Shooter AKA Dear Sister is the name.  This is the new video by Lonely Island with exclusive access on YouTube.  I have been waiting for a new video ever since Michael Bolton became engraved in my retinas. Ok so this bad boy came out in 2007, but here it is, large and in charge.  There is […]

Some quarterback that I use to know

Some Quarter Back

This has to be one of the funniest parodies I have seen since the video about Kyle Orton’s kneck beard.  These hilarious people take the Gotye video and re-purpose it for the Denver Broncos.  Makes way more sense than Glee right? The video is all about the Drama between the old and new quarterbacks (Tebow and Manning), […]

This is going to be awesome on YouTube… omg run!

Little Brothers

I have a little brother (actually he is huge) and I could see this being right up our alley.  Actually know that I think about it, I don’t even know if they are brothers, they might just be (correct  were) friends. Assuming they are, little brothers are great partners in crime.  Check out this hilarious video […]

Little Hedgehog stuck in a sink

Hedge Hog Sink

You’ve made it.  It is Wednesday and you are halfway through the week.  A treat for you is this video of a little hedgehog stuck in a sink.  The little guy is trying so hard to get out but can’t.  This video is slowly becoming viral and I knew it would make some people’s weeks […]

Batman returns on College Humor – Blows his cover

College Humor Batman

College Humor has finally brought back that terrible fat, idiotic batman that we have come to know and love.  He is so popular that Saturday Night Live stole the skit idea with Andy Samberg.  This most recent skit has Batman blowing his cover, and trying past the point of repair to unblow his cover.  Check […]

What Dubstep would look like as a film

Dubstep video

Some people would say that dubstep originated when some kids were watching a cat play with a spring door stop.  Some would say that it is the best thing ever made.  All I know is that when you stop considering it to be fantastic music, and start considering it to be great background music for […]

Cats and a crazy little girls thoughts

Kittens inspire by kittens

 I am typically not one to spend hours on YouTube watching cat videos.  Ok who am I kidding, I love watching cats have their faces mashed through a piece of toast, or jump around as if their are crazed (they are). Well I was just introduced to this hilarious video of a little girl who […]

What is Socialcam and why is everyone on it?


I keep seeing that Joe Blow saw Katy Perry headbutted Justin Bieber in the face on Facebook.  Naturally I really want to watch this (as I am sure everyone does) so I click on the link in Facebook.  What what what?!?!?  I need to log into Socialcam? Short answer, yes.  Socialcam and Viddy are apps […]