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Earlier we did an article about how the downfall of Apple wasn’t Samsung coping it’s products, but copying it’s marketing strategy.  Now Google is chasing them down with the same method.

Below for you enjoyment we have a video by Google about the Chromebook Pixel, Google’s new incredible and overpriced laptop.  The video looks identical to ones made by Apple for their product launches.  The commercials that were ever so mocked on the web.  One guy, blank background, dramatic speech about product while looking at them, then the product, then them, then the product.

It now seems to me that all you need to be a very successful company is a pretty good product, and an ungodly marketing machine.  Obviously you need a great product to be successful in the long run, but that’s not stopping Samsung.


The Chromebook is a slick new laptop from Google running the web based Chrome OS.  The laptop has a Macbook-esque look to it, with an equally stunning screen.  The problem to me though is that you are shelling out quite a pretty penny for this puppy that runs a ‘lite’ operating system.  If I am going to spend some serious cash, I want a serious machine.

Still, for those who have successful integrated their lives into the cloud, and have the money to shed, this is a fun and interesting machine.  I honestly do not believe that Chrome OS is going to be a very successful OS, that is still reserved for the likes of Apple, Windows and Linux.  It is still interesting and fun to play with though, and there will be niche markets for it.

Check out the commercial below, and the review from The Verge