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The Harlem Shake has become an interesting and international beast on the internet.  The beauty of it compared to something… such as Gangnam Style, is that they are all very unique.  The only similarity is the song used, and they chaos that ensues halfway through.  Some people may be getting sick of the Harlem Shake, but I am waiting for a flash mob of 10k to take on the challenge of doing a massive edition.

I know you are curious, so here is a little history lesson.  The Harlem Shake music came from a song done by America DJ Baauer in 2012 cleverly titled ‘The Harlem Shake’.  The dance itself originated in Harlem in 1981 and was referred to as the ‘albee’ and was loosely based on an Ethiopian dance.  Now some jackas… I mean heroes have made some YouTube videos, put them on the internet, and it has gone viral in the form you and I know it as today.  Luckily for you, I have included some of my favorite and very different Harlem Shakes.

Neat fact, the Colorado Rockies mascot ‘Dinger’ made an appearance at the Colorado State University basketball game when they performed the Harlem Shake.  Check out the videos for the Full Download.