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Smartphone addicts rejoice as the new Windows Phone 8 line up went on sale this Friday.  By far the most anticipated phones coming out are the HTC 8X and the Nokia Lumia 920. I for one am excited and the proud new owner of the Lumia 920.  I am switching to this phone from my trusty iPhone 5 which met it’s terrible demise at the hands of a couch and its reclining equipment.

There is something romantic about how the new Windows Phone 8 operating system works.  The lock screen is simple and elegant, the home screen is unique and personal, and the social integration is hands down the best.  Tie all of this together with Nokia’s latest iteration of their flagship phone and you end up with an incredible device.

Now it is not all rainbows and sunshine.  This phone is a beast.  Keeping tried and true to their history Nokia has built an incredibly nice and sturdy device, that when dropped seems as if it would dent the earth before it gets a scratch.  I cannot emphasize enough how big and heavy this sucker is.  It took me quite a while to get use to it but once I was, it seemed to have a premium feel to it worth of Nokia’s logo.  Of course it has no where near the app selection that Android and iOS have either.

Finally, the killer TWO features.  This phone’s screen is incredible.  It is nearly impossible to see any pixels, and the colors just pop out at you.  Next the camera is by far the best on a phone.  Video, photo, webcam they all look great.  The new Nokia Pure View mixed with Carl Zeiss optics makes for a match made in heaven.

I leave you with an ad from Nokia that is fairly entertaining, and a couple reviews from my favorite tech sites for you to get the Full download.  Enjoy!

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