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For those of you out there who do not know me, I am a smart phone addict.  Some people out there could go blow a couple bucks on a pair of shoes, clothes, food, or video games without even blinking.  That is me… with smart phones.  It’s a problem, and the first step to fixing it is admitting you have one… Or utilizing it for your blog.

No that is not me in the photo, but yes that is the Samsung Galaxy Note.  This monster Phablet (Phone Tablet) is a whole new class of smart phone.  iPhone users have been stuck in the mortal world of 3.5″ screens since the birth of real smart phones.  Every now and then they (me) will see some android user out there with a monster 4″ or even 4.3″ screen and say “damn that is huge!”  That was all until this thing came out.

I saw someone at Starbucks yelling into what I though was his planner or crap-gadget tablet, all to find out it was the new Galaxy Note.  Much like the cat in the photo, I thought what a ridiculous device?  I would look like a complete a-hole with that.  I discussed with some friends and they had co-workers with the phone as well who were in love with the device.  Well I cruised my skeptical butt over to AT&T to check it out… Wow.

The phone is pretty big, but quickly becomes manageable.  The screen real estate is incredible for photos and videos.  Games are massive on it, and web browsing is great.  Going back to my iPhone almost felt cramped.  There was one problem though… Android.  The OS quickly becomes laggy after swapping through programs and setting up all your widgets (and lets face it, that is the whole point of Android).  TouchWiz also ruins the entire android experience, leaving the device feeling almost inferior in terms of software even though Ice Cream Sandwich may be incredible.

Really you need to check out the reviews and develop your own opinion.  It really is a matter of which OS you like (iOS, Android, Windows).  If your only concern is size… Don’t even blink and jump right in.  Here are a few reviews below for the Full download, and a link to all the specs your mind can handle.

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