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I keep seeing that Joe Blow saw Katy Perry headbutted Justin Bieber in the face on Facebook.  Naturally I really want to watch this (as I am sure everyone does) so I click on the link in Facebook.  What what what?!?!?  I need to log into Socialcam?

Short answer, yes.  Socialcam and Viddy are apps in Facebook designed to share your video viewing activity with all of your friends.  Go watch a clip from Tosh.0, and your friends will know.  Go watch some cats with their faces shove in toast, and your friends will know.  Go watch Cat Daddy with Kate Upton, and your friends will know.  Get the theme?

Kinda fun, but kinda creepy as well.  Use at your own risk, or do what I do.  Copy the video title and open in YouTube.