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Microsoft, you have been a busy boy.  You released your own personal tablet and showed off the new Windows RT to go with it.  Now you announced Windows Phone 8? Busy Busy Busy.  You basically own Nokia so we are going to go ahead and say that you have your own device for it too.

It would seem to me that you have a real grudge against Apple and what they have done with the iPad, iPhone, iOS, etc.  As a matter of fact I know you feel that way because you said it in your announcement.  Either way, you are being bold and really getting out there.

It would almost seem as if you and Apple have switched places completely.  You are the hardware underdog that I want to root for so badly, but I am just a hipster pounding away at my Macbook Air keyboard, too stubborn to change.  Weird.  Do you ever think we will see Tim Cook do a video call during a Microsoft event and get booed at? Probably not.

Well the Windows Phone 7.8 and 8 announcements look fantastic and I would love to see them on an actual phone.  I tried out the Lumia 900 after some a-hole in a Windows Store smoked me at some pointless tasks.  I really wanted to love it, but the broken front facing camera and missing apps were a real deal breaker.  I think this version will nicely bring the software together though.

Either way, I have included the new Internet Explorer commercial for everyone to enjoy, a link to more info about Windows Phone 8, and a music video with that addicting song from the Internet Explorer commercial.  Get the Full Download and enjoy!

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